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Founded in 1994, our factory has advanced modern production equipment, strong technical force, high-quality management personnel and technical elite, precision testing, novel and unique product style. The aim is to produce high-quality products, provide customers with high-quality personalized display program, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.


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Management Advantage

We always put the interests of agents first. After years of experience in market management, we have explored a set of mature win-win model for both businesses and enterprises to ensure sustainable development.

Brand Advantage

The development route caters to the market demand, synchronizes with the policy promoted by the state, and has advanced market vision, so that the brand has occupied a leading position in the market.

Quality advantage

Having a professional production line not only guarantees the scientificalization of products, but also guarantees the quality of products.

Technical Advantage

It integrates R&D, production and sales, so it injects more manpower and financial resources into R&D products, and has a professional research team.

Marketing Advantage

Perfect marketing system, from agent shop building to final profit, to ensure that product sales increase.

Advocacy Advantage

Strong advertising momentum, all-round product packaging, combined with the actual market situation of agents, using a variety of propaganda means to ensure that the end of the propaganda in place.

Human Resources Advantage

A group of high-quality, high-ability, high-educated talents have been brought together, and with their joining in, enterprises continue to develop in a higher and farther direction.

Network Advantage

There are after-sales outlets all over the country, covering more than 80% of the network area, reassuring agents to sell and satisfying consumers to buy.

YADIJIA · Franchise support
Join right away, that is to say, enjoy guaranteed support
Goodwill support
Professional brand image, complete product categories and reliability Product quality, reasonable price allocation, long history Business reputation.
Training support
Develop a complete marketing personnel growth plan, join hands with senior professional lecturers in the industry, comprehensive and systematic training, improve the quality of marketing personnel, service level and sales skills.
Logistics support
Powerful e-commerce platform, efficient e-commerce ordering system and fast and convenient logistics distribution provide the strongest and powerful guarantee for short, flat and fast turnover of goods.
Construction support
Provide professional store design for new stores, according to the business vision of franchisers, provide the corresponding protection of agent areas, tailor-made sustainable development of the market.
Business Support
Adequate supply, flexible marketing means, fast recommendation of best-selling products, efficient market information sharing, intimate marketing guidance, so that franchisers can easily operate and make money happily.
Advisory support
Provide you with a professional team of consultants to help you clear up obstacles in business and sales. Suggestions on shop selection, assisting in shop expansion, planning for opening, sharing information exchange.
YADIJIA · Joining Requirements
Development Area: Cities at or above the National Regional Level
Distributor Qualities: With good commercial reputation and moral character, with legal and effective contracting qualifications and a period of time (at least two years) of continuous and reliable performance ability.
Distributors must have suitable premises for Yadeja brand and display them in the form of brand stores or exclusive zones. The area of provincial stores should be above (50 square meters), the area of first-class agents should be above (30 square meters) and the area of exclusive zones should be above (15 square meters).
Appropriate market margin, initial pick-up and sales meet authorized standards.

Online Joining

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